DevOps Certification

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Course outline and syllabus

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The DevOps training helps you become an expert in the principles of continuous development and deployment, automation of configuration management, inter-team collaboration, and IT service agility, using DevOps tools like Git, Docker, Jenkins, Cucumber, Ansible, TeamCity, and Nagios. You will learn about various aspects of the DevOps delivery model.

This DevOps course will give you a deep dive into DevOps tools and methodologies, enough to prepare you to excel in your next role as DevOps Practitioner. You will earn the DevOps certification that will attest to your new skills and on-the-job expertise.

Upon successful completion of the DevOps training course, you will be awarded an industry-recognized course completion certificate which has a lifelong validity.

To unlock training course completion certificate, to be a DevOps Certified Practitioner and earn your DevOps certification, you will need:

  • To attend one complete batch for the online classroom
  • Successful evaluation of one of the four real-life projects


This DevOps course will be suitable for software developers, technical project managers, architects, operations support, deployment engineers, IT managers, and development managers.

Learners taking the DevOps online training must be from a technical background with an understanding of Linux fundamentals, Web Development fundamentals, and Java fundamentals.

DevOps Certification training course will prepare you for a career in DevOps, a fast-growing field that bridges the gap between software developers and operations professionals. Learn DevOps tools and methodologies and excel in your next role as a DevOps practitioner.