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Enhance Your Career! is a leading Switzerland-based provider of quality training for Project Management, IT Service Management and other IT related areas. SwissKnowledge provides the training for Corporates and for Individuals. is VMEdu Authorized Training Partner and offers Certifications and Courses from Accreditation Body SCRUMstudy® (Global Accreditation Body for Scrum and Agile certifications).

In addition, we take an active engagement in the Contribution Processes which bring additional benefits to the company and increase the company’s value.

One such Engagement Process is the Contribution in the Development of Certified ITIL 4 Courseware in alignment with AXELOS requirements and in cooperation with ITpreneurs, Nederland B.V.. The Contribution Process brought extensive experience in developing and delivering exceptional training materials.

Training for Corporates:

Why should the employees be trained?

If companies invest in employee training they realize the returns on their training investments with more efficient, loyal and productive employees very soon.

Help your employees advance their careers through educational opportunities to ensure that they are up-to-date on the latest knowledge about products and services.

Onsite training fosters teamwork as employees from different departments come together to discuss challenges faced by the organization. The interactive discussion between employees on the training often solves actual corporate problems.

Training for Individuals:

Do you prefer to be trained individually? Don’t hesitate to contact us! We will be happy to assist you individually during the entire training process.

Training Modes:

We offer training through innovative, multimodal training strategies and our courses are delivered in Online, Instructor-Led Live Virtual class or traditional Classroom modes with the following benefits:

The best benefit of E-Learning is that both individuals and business executives even with a busy schedule can take a course from the comfort of their office or home and at any time that is most convenient to them.

Thus it may be also suitable for people who are continuing their education while they're working in their regular jobs.

Using the E-Learning format the participants will learn through video demonstrations, review questions, projects and other activities designed to enhance learning outcomes.

The next alternative is the combination of the two approaches: access to the E-Learning and interaction with a live Instructor-Led in Real-Time.

Just like physical classrooms, students attending training online with a live Instructor-Led. The live Instructor-Led teaches the course and provides the opportunity for students to ask questions, participate in exercises and collaborate with participators during the live training event.

Alternatively, you can still enjoy face-to-face interaction through our classroom style delivery with course material being delivered by one of our instructors.

The attendance in Traditional Classroom Trainings help to be better disciplined and follow a regular schedule. Most of the time the physical materials and classroom notes are very useful for studying and passing exams.

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